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Teacher Lesson Return to "Curly and Proud"
Curly and Proud
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Summary of Stories: This three-day lesson uses three stories (The Color of Beauty,” Curly and Proud, and Fat and Beautiful), in which all of the writers discuss how society’s beauty standards impact them. Melissa writes about colorism in her Guyanese family. In her story, Angelina describes her journey toward proudly wearing her hair natural. In “Fat and Beautiful,” A.C. writes about learning to love her body and wear clothing that makes her feel proud, not what others think she should wear.

Lesson Objectives and Common Core Standards Connections

Students will be able to:
• Annotate a text during the reading process in order to develop an understanding of the text’s main idea and supporting details (CCS R.1 and R.2)
• Discuss their interpretation and analysis of, as well as personal connections to, a narrative nonfiction text and to a poem (CCS SL.1)
• Decode phonetic spelling of a foreign dialect of English and explain why an author might use such spelling (CCS R.4 and R.6)
• Discuss how a single theme presents itself in a variety of texts, including across genres (CCS R.9)
• Write in response to a text (CCS W.4 and W.10)

Because this lesson contains a handout, it is only available in PDF format. Click here for the complete issue lesson guide.

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