YCteen publishes true stories by teens, giving readers insight into the issues that matter most in young people's lives.
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About YCteen
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YCteen, founded in 1980, is a magazine written by New York City teens. It is published by Youth Communication, which provides powerful, teen-written stories to help educators and youth workers engage struggling youth. Our literacy-rich training model helps teachers, after-school workers, counselors, and other professionals to connect with the teens they serve and build their social and emotional learning skills.

YCteen writers come from across New York City to Youth Communication's midtown newsroom. They develop and write personal and reported stories about the experiences and issues that matter in their lives. YCteen publishes four issues a year and has a print circulation of 24,000. A network of more than 250 teachers and other staff distribute the magazine at more than 200 public high schools. Teachers in New York City public high schools can get the print magazine for free. Subscribe by clicking here. In addition, the full text of stories from the six most recent issues of the magazine is available on this website. There is also a lesson guide for each issue.

New York City teens who would like more information on joining our staff should visit the Write for Us page. We accept volunteers, and many teens get school credit for working here.

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