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The 13-Year-Old Striking to Save the Planet
Alexandria Villaseñor was sick of adults doing nothing about climate change
author image For many months, Alexandra Villasenor has been striking in front of the United Nations to protest governments’ inaction about climate change. Now adults are starting to pay attention.

As I walked toward United Nations Plaza, I noted the quiet surrounding the bench Alexandria Villaseñor was sitting on. Every Friday for the last 16 weeks, wrapped up in her sleeping bag on particularly icy days... [more]

I Define Me I Define Me
I'm a Fierce Feminist - See Me, Not My Disability - Broadening Black Identity - PLUS: Three Teen Activists Speak Out - ESSAY CONTEST: Win $150
[more stories]
Defining Blackness Frustrated by school experiences that devalue her identity, Christina writes, “I don’t have to conform to this one-dimensional caricature of what it means to be black.” [more]
Leaving El Salvador Forever The writer makes wise decisions on his perilous journey crossing borders, deserts, and rivers to reunite with his parents in New York City. [more]
My Whimsical Dad Goes Camping Grace writes with humor and love in this story about her dad's idea to take her and her sister camping "to spend the night in the woods for no reason." [more]
Book Review: Forty-Cent Tip Book review of a collection of immigrant stories compiled by students from three international high schools in New York City. [more]
When I Told My Parents I Was Bisexual When Angie tells both parents separately that she is gay, they have two different reactions. [more]
Remembering the Terrorist Attack Near Stuyvesant High School After Ruby lives through the terror attack near her high school, she is motivated to play a more active role in the fight to end gun violence. [more]
Saying 'I Love You' in Spanglish As Natalie learns more English, the gap between her and her Spanish-speaking parents widens. She finds ways to both honor them and stay connected to them. [more]
Growing Up Without My Father Natalie struggles with the death of her father. In exploring her grief, she finds that her father lives on in her memory. [more]
How to Make the SHSAT Fair Yasmine weighs the pros and cons of the Standardized High School Admissions Test, the controversial exam that solely determines admission to New York City's best high schools. [more]
How I Learned to Understand My Mom Jessica’s mom is strict and she resents it. But when her mother tells Jessica about her life in the poor countryside of China, she sees her, “for the first time as a human being, daughter, sister, and wife.”
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