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It Takes All Kinds
Learning about my personality helped me grow
author image Saswhat reads a book about personalities that affords him the chance to "grow by looking inward."

At the thrift store, I walked past the DVDs, jewelry, ties, and coats to the book section at the back. It was more of a book landfill than a bookshelf, crammed with huge dusty piles stacked in no particular order. Normally I bought best-selling novels... [more]

Room for All of Me...Room for All of Us Room for All of Me...Room for All of Us
Ethnicity Isn’t Either/Or - I Live in Fear of I.C.E. - I'm Not a Race Traitor - ESSAY CONTEST: Win $150
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Tired of Being Called a Terrorist After putting up with insults and stereotyping for most of her life, Ruby decides to speak out to dispel untruths about Muslims. [more]
‘Harmless Teasing’ Hurts Although Mariam is bullied throughout middle school, her teachers dismiss her complaints as "harmless teasing." In high school, she finally connects with supportive teachers. [more]
Curly and Proud Angelina describes her journey from hating her curly hair to showing it off proudly. [more]
My Name Is Mason Martinez Mason's journey to find a name that better fits their identity leads them on a path of self-reflection that eventually brings fulfilling results. [more]
How I Became a Racist The writer wants to fit in with his friends so much, he is willing to remain in denial about their racism. [more]
Fat and Beautiful A.C. writes about learning to love her body and wear clothing that make her feel proud, rather than what others think she should wear. [more]
The Color of Beauty Melissa writes about colorism not just in her Guyanese community but within her Guyanese family. [more]
Puerto Ricans Are Americans, Too Nina supports her claim that the response to Hurricane Maria shows islanders are treated like second-class citizens compared to mainland Americans. [more]
How to Support Trans and Gender-Diverse Students A trans, non-binary teen offers ways for teachers to help similar youth feel more supported at school. [more]
What I Learned From the ‘Return the Children’ Protest Are protests an effective tool for change? Christina examines this while reporting on an action against the administration’s zero-tolerance policy, which caused the separation of over 2,500 children from their parents or guardians at the U.S.-Mexico border. [more]
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