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How I Stopped Fighting
Real consequences in the real world.
author image The author is abused and bullied, and becomes very angry. Fighting is a good release her -- until she faces arrest. Then she learns self-control.

My mom and three of her boyfriends abused me from age 5 or 6 until I was 12 and went into foster care. Growing up, I always heard my mom and her boyfriends yelling and fighting, and it seemed like that’s how people solved problems... [more]

Becoming Myself Becoming Myself
From Shy to Confident - Finding Power in Loving My Body - PLUS: My New Gay Life - ESSAY CONTEST: Win $150
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Growing Up Fast<br /> After immigrating from Haiti at age 11, Sabatine has to help her parents navigate life in the United States. "It’s shown me that I can handle a lot," she writes. [more]
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Mami, What's 'Deported'? Luzeli worries about the possibility of being separated from her parents, who are undocumented immigrants from Mexico. [more]
Where’s My Comfort Zone? Rainier feels different at his predominately white school, but writes that "hearing I’m 'not black enough' stings worse than being the odd one out." [more]
Why the Planet Needs Your Vote in 2020 Zachary evaluates different presidential candidates' positions on climate change. [more]
How I Came to See Islam in a New Light Mariam finds a spiritual connection after doing her own research about her religion. [more]
Black History Is More Than Just Slavery Savannah reads about accomplished black women and writes, "When I learn about historical figures who look like me achieving great things, it shows me that a lot is possible despite the odds I may have to face. [more]
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