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How I Came to See Islam in a New Light
Faith is more than just following the rules
author image Mariam finds a spiritual connection after doing her own research about her religion.

“Mom, please! I will wear the hijab tomorrow,” I tried convincing my mother as I got ready for my first day of 6th grade. “No, Mariam,” she said. “You have to wear it. Come on, you’re running late.” Instead of feeling nervous about adjusting to a new class... [more]

Making School Better Making School Better
Teachers: Call Out Racism - I'm a Climate Activist - Queer History In School, Please - PLUS: My Suspension Made It Worse - ESSAY CONTEST: Win $150
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Black History Is More Than Just Slavery Savannah reads about accomplished black women and writes, "When I learn about historical figures who look like me achieving great things, it shows me that a lot is possible despite the odds I may have to face. [more]
God Isn’t a Therapist Gabrielle worries that feeling depressed means her faith is weak, but ultimately discovers that seeking therapy doesn't make her a bad Christian. [more]
Don't Call Me Jeremy Lin Kevin's basketball team comes up with a plan to end racist taunting at games. [more]
My School Opened Me Up About Other Cultures After immigrating from El Salvador, the author makes and learns from friends from around the world at a high school for international students. [more]
The Bronx Junior Fighting for Equitable Schools Sixteen-year-old Leanne Nunes has experienced inequity in her own education and is committed to changing the system. [more]
How I Rejected What Others Think Girls Should Be Lisbeth is bullied about her looks when she’s younger but upon reflection, and with the support of the women in her family, she creates her own definition of beauty. [more]
Students of Color Protest an 'Unrecognized Culture of Bias' How should schools respond to racist behavior? Rainier looks at both sides of the issue surrounding a protest staged by students of color at Ethical Culture Fieldston high school this past winter. [more]
All of Me “I have learned that my disability isn’t the only part of my identity, and that my personality is more important,” says the writer. [more]
Am I Really Smart? Rainier writes about the conflict between society expecting him to be unintelligent because he’s black, and his parents’ high expectations. [more]
Speaking Up About Sexism in My Family Upset by her family’s traditional ways of having women handle household chores, Mariam decides to speak up. [more]
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