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Here, Queer, and Finally Clear
Overcoming my own homophobia was a challenge
author image Although Adrian's family was accepting "of queer stuff" they still felt that it was a "disgusting, wrong thing." Finally, they realize no one hated them for being gay but themselves.

“Mami, what does gay mean?” Mami paused before replying. I had just started kindergarten. My mom, my baby sister Rosa, and I were eating dinner. “Why do you ask?” she said in a tentative voice... [more]

Inside Voices Inside Voices
Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, teen writers will cover social isolation, foster care, remote learning, and loss, along with tips for how they're staying sane. [more stories]

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Taking the Best of Both Worlds Mocked by her family for not being able to properly hold chopsticks, Claire doesn’t feel Korean enough. A friend validates her feelings. [more]
Redefining Beauty for Myself Daleelah is self-conscious about her weight until she participates in a girls' empowerment group. There she discovers self-love as a revolutionary act in the face of society’s negative beauty stereotypes. [more]
Why Suspensions Don’t Work After getting suspended, Khyron considers the punishment and makes the case for its ineffectiveness, suggesting restorative justice is more apt. [more]
How I Learned What a Real Friend Is Caitlin struggles to make meaningful friendships until she gets support from a school counselor and her mom. [more]
Trying to Trust After being abandoned by her father, Amber has a hard time trusting others, even a boy who tries to show her that he’s here to stay. [more]
How We Got an All-Gender Bathroom Sydney is part of a club that makes fighting for an all-gender bathroom in their school a priority. [more]
Big Lies and Great Expectations Although Emily likes the academic rigors of her specialized high school, she struggles with the notion that she can’t pursue her artistic inclinations. [more]
Students Around the World March For Our Future Zachary reports on his experience at the 2019 climate strike. He calls for young people to hold their elected representatives accountable for combating climate change. [more]
How I Stopped Fighting The author is abused and bullied, and becomes very angry. Fighting is a good release for her -- until she faces arrest. Then she learns self-control. [more]
Microaggressions Are Actually Major Asa tries to ignore a friend’s racist comments and behavior, but it snowballs and soon she must confront not only her “friend” but also the principal. [more]
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