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Worried? CUNY Can Help
YCteen staff

If you’re thinking about attending CUNY and concerned about your ability to thrive as a college student, talk to your high school guidance counselor or college admissions officer about these options.

Earn Credits in High School

College Now enables New York City high school students to take college courses for high school and college credit. College Now courses are offered at 350 high schools around the city—most often to juniors and seniors, but increasingly to freshmen and sophomores as well. Even if your high school has not officially partnered with CUNY, you can take College Now classes on CUNY’s campus, provided you meet eligibility requirements. Sign up at: collegenow.cuny.edu

Prep for the Test

At Home In College works with high school seniors and GED students to prepare them for CUNY’s placement exams and support them through the exam process. This fall, At Home in College will operate in 55 high schools across the city. Find out more at: cuny.edu/academics/k-to-12/at-home-in-college.html

Get One Hurdle Out of the Way

Also found at every CUNY community college, and also for students who place into remedial courses, CUNY Start asks students to complete and pass their remedial courses before getting started as full-time college students. Participants spend 12 ½ hours a week for up to 18 weeks in classes geared to help them pass the placement test. And they pay only $75—instead of full tuition!—for this preparatory semester. Hofmann said CUNY Start has seen a high success rate so far. Get more information at: cuny.edu/academics/programs/notable/CATA/cti-cunystart.html

Support Once You Enroll

In place at all CUNY community colleges, CUNY ASAP is for students who have placed into remedial courses. ASAP provides academic support as well as help outside the classroom, including monthly MetroCards to make sure that getting to class isn’t a problem for participants. ASAP pushes participants to complete their remedial courses and graduation requirements as efficiently as possible. Read more at: cuny.edu/academics/programs/notable/asap.html

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