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College Application Timeline
Janill Briones

If you’re in high school and thinking about college, use this calendar to help plan.

Junior Year

Fall Semester

• Sign up for and take the PSAT.

• Start thinking about which colleges you might want to apply to. Meet with your school guidance or college counselor to help you figure out where to start.

Spring Semester

• Ask your counselor about free or low-cost SAT prep classes, and take one if you can.

• Sign up for and take the SAT.

• Call any colleges in your area that you might be interested in, and ask about taking a tour of the campus.

• Sign up for college tours.


• Make a list of schools you want to apply to. Research them online or in college books at the library.

Senior Year


• Research colleges if you haven’t already done so. Look for college guides in the library and check out university websites.

• Get started on your applications if you plan to apply for early decision or early action.

• Update your resume.

• Make an appointment to see your college counselor.

• Register to take the SAT (or SAT Subject Tests) in October or November.


• Start asking your teachers, coaches, and counselors who know you well for letters of recommendation.

• Take the SAT (or SAT Subject Tests) or register to take the December SAT (or SAT Subject Tests).

• Search for grants and scholarships.


• Get your essays proofread and give your proofreader plenty of advance notice.

• Make sure teachers send out letters of recommendation on time.

• Here’s another chance to take the SAT or SAT Subject Test.


• Finish applying to all of your choice colleges before winter break.

• Another chance to take the SAT or an SAT Subject Test.


• Fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

• Have your counselor send your mid-year grade report to the colleges that require them.

• Search for more grants and scholarships.


• Contact the colleges you applied to and make sure they received all of the application materials if you haven’t heard from them yet.

• Fill out the state tuition assistance program (TAP) application.


• Search for more grants and scholarships.


• You’ll have received most of the college responses by now, so consider everything there is to know about each college and make your decision.

• Tell the colleges you aren’t going to attend that you’ve turned them down.


• If you take any AP exams, make sure your scores are sent to your college.


• Have your counselor send your final transcript to your college.

• Sign up for freshman orientation!

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