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Issue #108 (Spring 2012) issue cover
Shelter From the Storm

A recent study showed a high rate of foster kids being prescribed powerful antipsychotic drugs; a new congressional group is investigating. (full text)

For foster care youth, school can be both a struggle and a haven from the chaos of life in care. Ashunte introduces this issue describing his own difficulties in college. (full text)

Marisa has always viewed school as a happy escape, but her dedication to education is put to the test when, at 16, she moves into her own apartment. School is two hours a way, and college deadlines loom. (full text)

Danica's big school is staffed by rude security guards, distracted teachers, and a bad guidance counselor. She falls behind. (full text)

Freshman year, Otis doesn't get his books until late in the semester and realizes his study skills are lacking. He flunks out, but vows to return. (full text)

Represent reporters ask the head of NYC's Administration for Children's Services what he will do to help teens in care. (full text)

Shawn is sick, but a trip to the doctor doesn't help. Jasmine encourages him to go back to the clinic and advocate for himself.

Marlo's lust for money gets him in trouble, but he learns to redirect that desire into a plan to become an accountant. (full text)

A criminal history can be an obstacle to getting into college and, in some cases, getting financial aid. However, it shouldn't stop you from applying. (full text)

Did you know there are different types of high school diplomas? Or that foster kids can get free money for college? Read on to get the details. (full text)

After several years in an RTC where all his decisions were made for him, Anthony has to push himself both to choose a school and then to find people to hang out with. (full text)

Essay contests winners describe how they've redefined the word "family". (full text)

Lessons include prompts for discussion and writing on two stories from this issue, "From Inmate to College Student" and "The New Kid," plus a video and activity.
(full text)
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