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Even When I Was Homeless I Stayed in School
Eyes on the prize.
author image “Whenever I had some shelter for more than a day or two, it was a priority for me to go to school,” Xavier writes. “I knew getting an education was a powerful tool.”

One day in the middle of my junior year, I came home from school and my brother gave me the news: “Mom’s kicking you out—again... [more]

Education (In)Equality Education (In)Equality
Coming Out in School - I’m Not the Racism Police - Is the SHSAT Fair? - Don't Call Me 'Ghetto" - PLUS: Our Interview With Schools Chancellor Carranza
[more stories]
Not a Girl at All A bisexual trans boy, the writer lives as one person at home with his family, who he cannot come out to, and as another person at school with teachers and friends who are more accepting. [more]
Hey DOE: Revamp the SHSAT Ruby unpacks the many-sided issue of whether or not one standardized test should be the sole criterion for acceptance into a specialized high school. [more]
Navigating Life in a White School Christina vividly explores her feelings surrounding the burden of being one of the only people of color in her school. [more]
For the New Schools Chancellor, Ending Segregation Is Job #1 During out interview with New York City Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza, he cites funneling money into poorer neighborhoods as one way to integrate schools. [more]
Growing Up Homeless Daren writes about moving in and out of homelessness for most of her teen life. She struggles to keep up her grades amid an unstable, chaotic life in shelters. [more]
The Great Escape Salenna tries to become more popular via Facebook and Instagram but it ends up making her feel envious and lonely. Unplugging improves her life.

Book Review: <em>The Go-Between</em> Atl reviews the novel, "The Go-Between," and interviews the author Veronica Chambers about how they both identify with the main character, who is an immigrant. [more]
Don’t Push Me Out, Push Me Forward Selena moves from foster home to foster home and doesn’t feel like she belongs anywhere. Fed up, she acts out in school. If teachers tried to understand her, she’d make more of an effort to succeed academically. [more]
A Fish Out of Water When the writer's mom asks her to clean her aquarium with over 20 fish, it turns into a dark comedy of errors. [more]
Book Review: <em>The Mare</em> Mario reviews Mary Gaitskill's novel and finds to his surprise that he identifies with the abusive mom as much as the abused daughter. [more]
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