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I Can Heal
Denial didn’t help, but writing did.
author image The writer is sexually assaulted by her friend, and she keeps it a secret for months until a failed suicide attempt prompts her to write about the experience.

We sat together on his bed, behind a closed door with the curtains pulled. We had never been alone in his bedroom before, and the intimacy made me uncomfortable. The only light in the room emanated... [more]

No Gender Box For Me No Gender Box For Me
How I Found My Gender Identity - Finally Feeling Free to Be Me - Confronting My Family's Sexism - Misogyny Pushback - PLUS: Working Parents, But Still Homeless
[more stories]
Am I an Activist? A Roundtable Discussion Writers from the 2017 summer writing workshop explore what it means to be an activist. They realize while talking that they actually do quite a lot! [more]
When I Lose My Virginity Is Up to Me Hande writes about mixed messages girls get about sex: “We’re either made fun if we’re virgins, or if we have sex, we risk getting labeled a slut.” [more]
Helped Through Homelessness Amber is shy and becomes even more so when her family moves to a homeless shelter. After urging from her mom, she starts seeing a counselor. The relationship helps her open up and persevere through this tough time. [more]
Taking Charge of My Learning Disability After Anaiss learns she has a low reading comprehension level, she is placed in a class that moves slower. At first she resists, but then she notices her progress. Now she’s in the National Honor Society. [more]
Paradise Lost For Atl, spending summers and holidays at his grandparent’s Idaho farm with its “endless hillsides and fields,” meant escaping the city’s chaos. When he finds out his grandparents must sell the farm, he is emotionally unprepared. [more]
There’s More to Black History Than Rosa Parks, MLK, and Malcolm X The writer is upset with the superficial way that Black History Month is traditionally taught, so she takes it upon herself to learn about lesser-known historical figures.
No One Way to Be Black In grade school, Gaby is often called an Oreo and writes, “I began to feel as if I wasn’t black. That I was an outsider in my own race.” [more]
Finding My Way–Without My Parents<br /> “Not living with either of my parents made me feel like a puzzle piece that didn’t fit in anywhere,” writes Joel. Therapy makes him feel less out of place and abandoned. [more]
Dismissed and Excluded The writer is excluded and mansplained by boys in her school’s stock market trading club. She blames it on what she sees as a sexist culture in finance and creates her own club that is more welcoming to girls. [more]
Book Review: <em>If You Could Be Mine</em> This book review explores the romantic relationship between two young women in Iran, where same sex relationships are punishable by death. [more]
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