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I Did It for My Mom
I'm honoring Mom by being the person she knew I could be
author image Johileny must care for her dying mother, despite her own disability and a botched operation that landed her in a wheelchair.

The noise was everywhere, and I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I was usually impressed by the capacity of the nurses, doctors, and orderlies to get to everybody in the emergency room. I had spent my childhood in hospitals... [more]

Letting Go, Holding On Letting Go, Holding On
Haunted by Violence - Separated by an Ocean - My Father's Secret Family - How I Shed My Slacker Ways - Back in Jail Again PLUS - Why I Love Narnia
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Penguin in the Sahara At a mostly white private school, Sayda finds her identity as a Latina. [more]
Sad Señoritas Darlyn interviews Professor Luis Zayas, who studies why Latinas attempt suicide more frequently than other teens, and contemplates his findings. [more]
I Was a Cyberbully Otis is bullied in school, then discovers that on the Internet he can be the aggressor. He goes too far and hurts someone he loves.
Defining Myself Melanie writes about embracing her Christian youth group and how she doesn’t want to be perceived as “crazy” or judgmental. [more]
I Identify with Tupac Desmin doesn’t just look like Tupac Shakur; they both grew up in Harlem with single mothers who struggled with crack addiction. Both also used writing to inspire readers to “do better in life.” [more]
MY FIRST TIME: Singing on Stage Emily describes how she feels and what she observes on her first night performing in a choral concert. [more]
Back Off, Mom The writer’s mom is so focused on pushing her to excel in school and on her college admissions tests, she doesn’t see that the relationship has become reduced to yelling and lecturing. [more]
Soulmates Donyaeh didn't get enough love from his parents, so he feels lucky to find Alina, a girlfriend who asks how he feels and comforts him when he's down. [more]
Growing Up With an Addict A family therapist describes how kids can cope with a parent's addiction and seek help.

My First Boyfriend Julia starts dating her friend Peter, but quickly feels smothered by him and misses the freedom of being single.
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