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Behind the Scenes: Teen writers describe what it's like to work at YCteen.
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Defining Feminism
I’m equal in strength, power, and dignity
author image Roberta traces the history of feminism from the first wave in the 1800's to the present. Learn about how women fought for the right to own property, vote, and even go to school.

Growing up, I was always getting into arguments with males about everything from a flower’s color to the best baseball team. I always felt a constant need to... [more]

Rage Control Rage Control
Managing My Anger From Behind Bars - Sharp Words Hurt - How I Stopped Fighting - PLUS: Justin Timberlake Live!
[more stories]
Why I Love Filmmaking Vanessa writes about writing, producing, directing and editing her first movie. [more]
No More Hand-Holding A college visit is a wake-up call for Edgar, who realizes that to succeed he will have to take more responsibility for his education. [more]
Anger Management 101 Najet, who is serving an eight-year prison sentence, describes the mandatory anger management course she has to take while behind bars. [more]
Opening Up to My Shorty A former player, Antwaun discovers it feels good to get close to one person. [more]
Hello New York, Goodbye Dad After moving to the U.S., Tairys was separated from her father for years. Ultimately, she makes a difficult decision so she can see him again. [more]
The Soundtrack of My Life Music has helped Otis survive tough times. Each phase of life brings a new favorite band, and a different group of people to connect with. [more]
Sharp Words Hurt After Shahlo blurts out an unintended insult to her good friend whose father recently died, she feels awful and tries to make amends. [more]
When Things Get Hectic Juan is torn between watching his friends’ backs and staying out of trouble. [more]
Did I Deserve to Be Valedictorian? Tairys immigrates from the Dominican Republic and struggles in school. But after she learns English and starts to excel, she questions whether she really earned the title of 8th grade valedictorian. [more]
I Learned English and Found My Voice At a high school for immigrants, Sandra feels comfortable enough to master English. [more]
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