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Behind the Scenes: Teen writers describe what it's like to work at YCteen.
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Speak Out: Challenging Muslim Stereotypes
Muslims come from all races and cultures.
author image Several teens share their experiences in an effort to help others move beyond ignorance, fear, and stereotyping of Muslims.

When the media, communities, and individuals promote stereotypes of the dangerous and violent Muslim man or the mistreated and ignorant Muslim female, they are contributing to Islamophobia—the hatred, or fear of Muslims... [more]

Give—And Get Give—And Get
Meals on Wheels Fed My Soul - I’m the Fundrai$ing King - Mentoring Lifts Me Up - Nix the ‘N’ Word For Good - My Sister’s Abuse Hurt Me Too - Don't Call Me a Terrorist
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My Grandmother’s Last Words David is close with his grandmother until she moves back to Korea.
Then he gets distracted with his new American life in New York and loses touch with her. [more]
From Slacker to Star Student DeAnna's habit of cutting class finally catches up with her. She decides to transfer to a new school, but first she must prove that she's serious about starting over. [more]
My Father’s Secret Second Family Levaunna's parents split when her dad admits he has another family. Levaunna starts lying, drinking, and acting out--but a friend helps her stop her destructive behavior. [more]
Almost Assassinated Carlos, who is from Honduras, recounts two assassination attempts on his father's life. [more]
Why My Sister Took Off When the writer's older sister moves away to escape her verbally abusive parents, the writer realizes what a valuable role model her sister was. [more]
Testing My Anger Management Skills When the writer gets locked up in juvenile detention for three months, she uses everything she learned in therapy to stay out of fights. [more]
I Did It for My Mom Johileny must care for her dying mother, despite her own disability and a botched operation that landed her in a wheelchair. [more]
Penguin in the Sahara At a mostly white private school, Sayda finds her identity as a Latina. [more]
Sad Señoritas Darlyn interviews Professor Luis Zayas, who studies why Latinas attempt suicide more frequently than other teens, and contemplates his findings. [more]
I Was a Cyberbully Otis is bullied in school, then discovers that on the Internet he can be the aggressor. He goes too far and hurts someone he loves.
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