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The Color of Beauty
It’s time to reject the racist, sexist beauty standards in my community
author image Melissa writes about colorism not just in her Guyanese community but within her Guyanese family.

“How yuh skin so white?” “I wish my skin was as light as yours.” I’m used to hearing comments like these from family and friends. This is due to the common yet degrading belief in the Indo-Guyanese community that beauty is synonymous with lighter skin... [more]

Don't Hate On Me Don't Hate On Me
I’m From The Projects - One Size Never Fits All - Stop Calling My Mom a Terrorist - Teachers: Tips for Trans Kids - I Ditched My Racist Friends - PLUS: Finally Finding My Non-Binary Self
[more stories]
How to Support Trans and Gender-Diverse Students A trans, non-binary teen offers ways for teachers to help similar youth feel more supported at school. [more]
What I Learned From the ‘Return the Children’ Protest Are protests an effective tool for change? Christina examines this while reporting on an action against the administration’s zero-tolerance policy, which caused the separation of over 2,500 children from their parents or guardians at the U.S.-Mexico border. [more]
Flipping the Script With the teen organization Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets (YO S.O.S.), Sashwat participates in a theater performance designed to combat violence. [more]
Brooklyn Teens Work to ‘Save Their Streets’ From Gun Violence Gang violence is frequent on the streets of Guaiba, Brazil, where Carolina is from. She visits Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets (YO S.O.S.), to learn how they are working to make their community safer. [more]
I Learned to Love My Safety High School Gabby writes about overcoming the disappointment of not being accepted into a specialized high school. [more]
Smart AND Black—My Teachers’ Worst Nightmare Angie feels discriminated against when a teacher accuses her of cheating after she performs “too well” on a quiz. [more]
Even When I Was Homeless I Stayed in School “Whenever I had some shelter for more than a day or two, it was a priority for me to go to school,” Xavier writes. “I knew getting an education was a powerful tool.” [more]
Not a Girl at All A bisexual trans boy, the writer lives as one person at home with his family, who he cannot come out to, and as another person at school with teachers and friends who are more accepting. [more]
Hey DOE: Revamp the SHSAT Ruby unpacks the many-sided issue of whether or not one standardized test should be the sole criterion for acceptance into a specialized high school. [more]
Navigating Life in a White School Christina vividly explores her feelings surrounding the burden of being one of the only people of color in her school. [more]
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