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The Unreal World
Why I Had to Quit Facebook
author image Sabatine is enchanted by the wonders of life online, until Facebook takes over her life and her schoolwork starts to slip.

I got on Facebook in 2011, when I first came to the United States. It let me communicate with friends and family back in Haiti. It wasn’t a necessity, and I wasn’t so attached to it. But in my sophomore year of high school... [more]

Being True To You Being True To You
No Longer Ashamed to Say I Was Homeless - 5 Ways To Beat Shyness - Less Social Media For Me - Stocks, Bonds, and Sexism - PLUS: High School Athletes #takeaknee
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My City of Aleppo Is Destroyed Yazan, a 17-year-old Syrian with an easy smile, is currently living in a refugee camp in Greece, after fleeing his war torn city of Aleppo. [more]
The Sugarcoating of Native American History When Andrew takes an AP Human Geography course, he learns about how Native Americans were, and continue to be, oppressed and mistreated. He continues to learn about their plight, and writes this story to raise awareness. [more]
Trump’s Spiteful Transgender Ban Atl writes an opinion piece about why he believes Trump’s announcement to ban transgender people from the military is discriminatory and lacks foundation. [more]
Why I Feel Less American Than White People Ria examines how black people have been historically oppressed from after the Civil War to the present. “Slavery and legal segregation are still affecting us,” she writes. [more]
Raising My Voice Against Racism “Being Chinese felt like a bad kind of different, like a crack in a wall,” writes Winnie. Determined to push back against the racist remarks she encounters, Winnie takes action and writes a play. [more]
Colin Kaepernick Is the two-time NFC champion quarterback not getting offered a contract because he’s being punished for his activism against racism? Toyloy presents his case for why he believes that he is. [more]
I’ll Work Hard So America Is Safer for All The writer moved here from Mexico when she was 4, and now at 21, she feels proud to be living here. But our new president has made her afraid of being deported. [more]
Speaking My Truth As a reporter for her school newspaper, Aishamanne is accused of being angry and “ranting” about race. After discussing this with friends, she concludes it’s important for her to speak her truth, no matter what others think. [more]
Learning to Breathe Again As the writer grows up, she witnesses her father’s abuse of her mother. After intervening in one of their fights, her father moves out and she learns about abuse prevention through a job. [more]
One Teen’s Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking Melvin Pichardo profiles Victoria Pannell, a New York City high school teenager, who advocates for survivors of child sex trafficking. [more]
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