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Book Review: The Kite Runner
Dispelling Muslim Stereotypes
author image “Before I read The Kite Runner,” Hoa writes, “I though Afghanistan was only a terrorist haven. Now I realize it’s a country with people who are just like me.”

The novel is about a friendship between two boys growing up in war-torn Afghanistan. Amir comes from an elite family and Hassan is a servant in his household... [more]

Election 2016: What Matters to Us Election 2016: What Matters to Us
Stopped & Frisked...But I Still Want To Be a Cop - My Way Out of Homelessness - I March for Black Lives - A Bully Running For President - PLUS: BOOK REVIEW - The Kite Runner: Muslim ≠ Terrorist
[more stories]
Trump’s Rhetoric Encourages Bullying in School David reports on a study that finds teachers have noted an increase in bullying during this election campaign and “an alarming level of fear and anxiety among children of color.” [more]
My First Protest Jaelyn heads down to New York City’s City Hall to cover rally protesting police brutality against black people organized by Millions March NYC, a local group affiliated with Black Lives Matter. [more]
History Repeating: A Review of <em>Orphan Train</em> by Christina Baker Kline Marlo reviews a novel about two girls in foster care in different eras and finds aspects of being in care that are timeless. [more]
Girl Crazy DeAnna comes out to her mother as bisexual and gets a surprising response. Eventually, she identifies as a "full-time lesbian." [more]
I Choose Foster Care The author 's mom swings wildly from sweet to violent. The author wants her family but at 19, decides to opt for the benefits of foster care. [more]
My Body, Not Your Business Boys sexually harass the writer in middle school after she develops. Her friends don't take it seriously and she's too embarrassed to tell her parents. [more]
Acting Brave Made Me Brave Shameera surprises herself when she’s able to remain strong and brave during two natural disasters. Inspired by her courage in handling these situations, she attempts to conquer her biggest fear: public speaking. [more]
The Roller Coaster of Sexuality The author writes about his ongoing exploration of his sexuality and why bisexual is his current placeholder. He says, “concrete and permanent labels don’t describe how we feel during the discovery process.” [more]
Speak Out: The 2016 Presidential Election Your questions about voting answered. YCteen editors also ask the writers: If you were 18, who would you have voted for in the primary and why? [more]
Missing My Mom When Jovani's supportive, loving mother unexpectedly dies, he deals with her painful absence by reflecting on the values and ideas she instilled in him. [more]
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