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Movie Review: Moonlight
I See Me, My Family, and My Neighborhood
author image Sedrick reviews the film Moonlight about a character he's never seen in a movie: "A gay thug, who is big and scary, but who expresses his feelings."

His name is Chiron, and he lives in a poor part of Miami, Florida. The movie is divided into three chapters: In the first chapter, he’s about 9, and getting bullied... [more]

School Stress: How to Handle It School Stress: How to Handle It
The Problem With Being Popular - I'm More Than My GPA - Why and IEP is for Me - How I Got Woke - Who Is Betsy DeVos? Why Teens Should Care - PLUS: A Teen Refugee's Journey
[more stories]
View Me as a Human Being, Not a Terrorist After Yousef, a Muslim, faces ignorant comments from peers and his teacher about Islam, he speaks up. However, Trump's anti-Muslim speech stokes his anxiety. [more]
Speak Out: Teens write about President-elect Donald Trump Teens write about their concerns and fears about President-elect Trump. [more]
What I Learned by Wearing the Hijab When Aniqa starts wearing the hijab, her life changes in significant ways. “Having of my body covered helped me appreciate my inner self…I fell in love with my brains, my dreams, my goals,” she writes. [more]
Book Review: <em>Dietland</em> As Crystal Stevens writes in this review, "Dietland will make you step back and question how women are treated in our society. [more]
Telling Myself Who I Am With humor, the writer shares his emotional journey from "trying to be straight" and imitating how "real" boys act, to his coming out both to himself and his parents. [more]
Climate Change Hurts the Poor First Climate change isn't a far off concept, it's affecting us now. Cindy urges our politicians to make the issue a priority and to take immediate actions. [more]
Trump’s Rhetoric Encourages Bullying in School David reports on a study that finds teachers have noted an increase in bullying during this election campaign and “an alarming level of fear and anxiety among children of color.” [more]
My First Protest Jaelyn heads down to New York City’s City Hall to cover rally protesting police brutality against black people organized by Millions March NYC, a local group affiliated with Black Lives Matter. [more]
Challenging Misogyny—Inside and Out When Eunisah explores misogyny as part of a journalism assignment, she discovers that the songs she used to "bob my head to and sing along" were rife with lyrics demeaning women. [more]
Even Working People Need Government Assistance The writer, a Stuyvesant High School student, is eligible for free lunch and her family is on food stamps. She writes about how this government assistance benefits her. [more]
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