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I Stood Up to My Macho Dad
I felt bullied by my own father
author image Mitzi and her father only interact when he orders her around. Feeling insecure and depressed, she speaks to a social worker who convinces her to talk to her father about her feelings.

“Mitzi, stop your laziness and do the laundry,” my dad commanded. I was so angry. I usually don’t mind doing the laundry, but... [more]

Bullying Bullying
Oppressed by My Dad - I Was A Cyberbully - My Safety Transfer Saga - Shame On You, Lady Gaga! PLUS: Our Interview With Schools Chancellor Farina
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Is College for Me? In her senior year, Breanna realizes that she needs to get her grades up if she wants to get into college. [more]
Occupy the Classroom Julieta's passionate Spanish teacher inspires her to learn about Latin America, get involved in politics, and stand up against injustice.
A Caring Teacher Helped Me Conquer Physics Neha was failing physics until her teacher went the extra mile to make her believe she could succeed. [more]
Cheater to Tutor The author’s friends convince him to help them cheat, but he eventually realizes that’s not who he wants to be. [more]
Perfectionista Playing the piano is an escape from the pressure Linda puts on herself to be a perfect student. When her self-criticism affects her music, she realizes she needs to ease up. [more]
Can MOOCs Benefit HS Seniors? Jalil explores whether taking a MOOC, a massive open online course, might give him an advantage over other college applicants. [more]
Defining Feminism Roberta used to think feminists were militant protestors that all hated men. Here, she discovers that’s not the case. She explores the definition, history, and comes to her own interpretation. [more]
Why I Love Filmmaking Vanessa writes about writing, producing, directing and editing her first movie. [more]
No More Hand-Holding A college visit is a wake-up call for Edgar, who realizes that to succeed he will have to take more responsibility for his education. [more]
Anger Management 101 Najet, who is serving an eight-year prison sentence, describes the mandatory anger management course she has to take while behind bars. [more]
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