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Dismissed and Excluded
Sexism in my school stock trading club
author image The writer is excluded and mansplained by boys in her school’s stock market trading club. She blames it on what she sees as a sexist culture in finance and creates her own club that is more welcoming to girls.

When I was a freshman, I joined a stock trading club at my school. The club teaches kids about investing in financial markets... [more]

Being True To You Being True To You
No Longer Ashamed to Say I Was Homeless - 5 Ways To Beat Shyness - Less Social Media For Me - Stocks, Bonds, and Sexism - PLUS: High School Athletes #takeaknee
[more stories]
No One Way to Be Black In grade school, Gaby is often called an Oreo and writes, “I began to feel as if I wasn’t black. That I was an outsider in my own race.” [more]
How I Overcame Shyness Jose is even more shy when he moves from the Dominican Republic to New York City. Read on to discover how he feels so confident now, he can start a conversation with anyone. [more]
This Is America, Where Women Play Cards Salenna comes from a Russian family, where there are strict feminine and masculine roles and traditions. One is that women don’t play cards. Baffled, she muses: “Is it because females back in Russia can’t count to 10?”
Letting Go of My Parents’ Criticism Her unhappy parents who neglect her and social anxiety affect the writer and make it hard for her to make friends. She overcomes her shyness by implementing smart strategies. [more]
The Unreal World Sabatine is enchanted by the wonders of life online, until Facebook takes over her life and her schoolwork starts to slip. [more]
My City of Aleppo Is Destroyed Yazan, a 17-year-old Syrian with an easy smile, is currently living in a refugee camp in Greece, after fleeing his war torn city of Aleppo. [more]
The Sugarcoating of Native American History When Andrew takes an AP Human Geography course, he learns about how Native Americans were, and continue to be, oppressed and mistreated. He continues to learn about their plight, and writes this story to raise awareness. [more]
Trump’s Spiteful Transgender Ban Atl writes an opinion piece about why he believes Trump’s announcement to ban transgender people from the military is discriminatory and lacks foundation. [more]
Why I Feel Less American Than White People Ria examines how black people have been historically oppressed from after the Civil War to the present. “Slavery and legal segregation are still affecting us,” she writes. [more]
Raising My Voice Against Racism “Being Chinese felt like a bad kind of different, like a crack in a wall,” writes Winnie. Determined to push back against the racist remarks she encounters, Winnie takes action and writes a play. [more]
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