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Not All Asians Get Straight A’s
I’m Chinese but I’m not gifted in math
author image As an elementary school student in China, Kelly was slow in calculating math problems, often resorting to counting on her fingers. Her story aims to bust the stereotype that all Asians easily excel in math.

I’m from Guangzhou, China, and when I had my first math class in kindergarten, I knew math was not for me... [more]

Identity Identity
Pansexual and Proud - I Can't Pray Away Being Gay - Too Pretty To Be African? - My Looking-Glass Self - Better Off Without Mom - My Love-Hate Relationship With the Hood PLUS: Living With Bipolar Disorder
[more stories]
Goodbye to the Gossip Group Carlos identifies the popular group at his new high school and joins it. Problem is, he doesn't really like those kids -- they gossip and spread rumors. So he moves on to friends who share his interests. [more]
A Black Belt Who Refused to Fight David is proud to be a black belt in Taekwondo because it’s a martial art that demands athleticism and discipline. But he doesn’t like hurting people. [more]
Keepin’ the Faith The writer details his inner conflict between his religious beliefs and sexual orientation which is painful and confusing. [more]
Secret of the System Paige is regularly bullied by classmates, but teachers and school administrators ignore her complaints. Finally, she switches schools. [more]
Lady Gaga, Please Don’t Glamorize Bulimia Lady Gaga has a performance artist throw up on her in the name of art at one of her concerts. The writer thinks it sent a bad message, making eating disorders look cool. [more]
Becoming a Team Player When the writer runs for class vice president, she learns how to accomplish goals as a group, something she’d never done before. In the process she masters the art of compromise. [more]
Change is On the Way YCteen interviews new Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina about issues ranging from overcrowded schools to the reinstatement of art and music programs. [more]
From Korea to Texas When David moves from Seoul, Korea to Flower Mound, Texas, he feels like he’s been transported to another planet. He describes his adjustment to America in vivid and humorous detail. [more]
I Stood Up to My Macho Dad	Mitzi and her father only interact when he orders her around. Feeling depressed, she speaks to a social worker. [more]
Is College for Me? In her senior year, Breanna realizes that she needs to get her grades up if she wants to get into college. [more]
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