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Behind the Scenes: Teen writers describe what it's like to work at YCteen.
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Making the Best Out of Foster Care
Looking on the bright side to reach my goals.
author image The writer never imagines she’ll end up in foster care, but when she does, she discovers its benefits, like dental care and money for college.

I grew up in New York, but when I was 13 my family moved to South Africa—where my parents are from. Then, at age 15, I returned to New York City on my own... [more]

Navigating Love Navigating Love
He's Way Too Needy - She Makes Me Better - My Dad's a Crack Addict And I Love Him - PLUS - What's Hot: Summer Books - Tupac and Me - My Body's Just Fine
[more stories]
Writing Helped Reduce My Rage The writer expresses his anger at the foster care system by getting into fights until his therapist encourages him to write rap lyrics to let it out instead. [more]
Movie Review: <em>Into the Woods</em> Emily reviews the film adaptation of the theatrical musical and discovers there’s more to the story than just a cast of fairy tale characters romping through a forest. [more]
Why Feminism Matters to Me Julia writes about her observations of gender roles and sexism in society, and explains why she considers herself a feminist. [more]
My First Time: On The Job Diamonique is excited to land her first job at a McDonald’s, but her boss soon becomes verbally abusive. [more]
Free Job Training That’s For Real! Teens can get free certification in trades such as Salon Services, Electrical Installation, and Computer Repair at Co-Op Tech High School. [more]
Not a Stretch Eliza navigates around her parents’ wish for her to become a doctor and finds a career path that feels right. [more]
Change for the Better Nhi’s first days in the U.S. are frustrating and unnerving. When she makes an effort to be social, her willingness to step outside her comfort zone is rewarded. [more]
I Expected to Fail... As an African-American male who grew up in foster care, Orlando feels double stigma. But a professor's comment makes him determined to succeed in college. [more]
Worlds to Explore Nhi is convinced she wants to be a journalist until she gets to college. Taking sociology and business courses and joining a college club makes her think about changing majors. [more]
Good Enough to Be a Lawyer Damia’s dream of becoming a lawyer, her worry about her English language skills, and her fear of criminals collide when she lands an internship at a District Attorney’s office. [more]
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