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Why We Should Welcome Syrian Refugees
They need our help.
author image On Hande's last trip to Turkey, she sees Syrian refugees and realizes anyone could be driven from their home. She asks all countries to welcome refugees.

I am originally from Istanbul, Turkey. Since I moved to New York five years ago, I go back there for a few weeks each summer to visit relatives... [more]

Gender: I'm Doing Me Gender: I'm Doing Me
Leave My Body Alone - Not Sold on Sexist Ads - Manhood: Don't Tell Me to Grow a Pair - PLUS: Goodbye to My Violent Mom - Syrian Refugees Could Be Us
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Why I’m Trying to Stop Using the ‘N’ Word After Lisuini learns the history of the ‘n’ word, and “how it was used to abuse and demean black people,” he decides to drop it from his vocabulary. [more]
Leaving the Past Behind After doing jail time for robbery, the writer begins to reevaluate his life. However, he doesn't make a significant change until his grandmother dies; she had pressed him to leave the street life behind. [more]
My View From a Wheelchair After Perla is hit by a car and forced to spend a year in a wheelchair for a broken leg, she experiences life from the viewpoint of a disabled person. [more]
Don’t Define Me By My Race Andre says he feels like he has more in common with a white runner or writer than he does a black hip hop artist. [more]
Out of Trouble and Into Mentorship After Lisuini’s mom enrolls him in the Boys & Girls Club he learns important life lessons about himself and discovers a community in which he can grow and contribute. [more]
Wisdom from Older Strangers Melvin doesn’t feel ready for college, so he gets a job. Working at Citymeals-on-Wheels, he meets seniors who encourage him to pursue his love of acting.
Raising Money for the March of Dimes After a charity pays for his favorite teacher’s twins’ medical support, Joel’s teacher asks him to give back to this charity and he does without hesitation. Joel realizes even teens can make a difference. [more]
The Lion, the Witch, and the Japanese-American Girl Who Loves Narnia In Japan, Kristine grew up reading The Chronicles of Narnia series by C. S. Lewis. Re-reading one of the books now makes her fondly remember her childhood. [more]
Speak Out: Challenging Muslim Stereotypes Here several teens share their experiences in an effort to help others move beyond ignorance, fear, and stereotyping of Muslims. [more]
My Grandmother’s Last Words David is close with his grandmother until she moves back to Korea.
Then he gets distracted with his new American life in New York and loses touch with her. [more]
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