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Misogyny Is Everywhere
The worst offenders might be closer than you think.
author image Ria examines how social media, her family, friends, and other aspects of society has influenced her negative attitudes toward women, including herself.

I was on the basketball court outside my apartment one spring Friday afternoon; it’s where I usually am on Fridays. I like to practice my jump shot and then transition into playing a game once other kids show up... [more]

The World We Want The World We Want
I Won’t be Silent - My Body Isn’t Meant to Be Owned - Does the Bible Preach Misogyny? - Boys Speak: How to Make a Better World for Girls - PLUS: I Marched for Our Lives in D.C. #neveragain
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Being a Good Teammate Means Being a Good Friend While shooting hoops on the court, Toyloy witnesses his friend being bullied by an older boy. Instead of standing up for his friend and risk getting beaten up, the writer does nothing. Toyloy reflects on his behavior. [more]
When Women Uphold Sexism Winnie’s family, particularly her grandmother, pressure her to be submissive, quiet, and spend her adulthood raising children. She finds the courage to stand up to her grandmother’s sexism.
My Recovery From Depression is a Work in Progress Severe depression runs in Caitlin's family and after a suicide attempt, she is hospitalized. Therapy, writing poems and songs, and playing in a band work together to help in her recovery. [more]
Discovering Myself Beyond the Binary Andrew feels different and unaccepted because of his gender identity and sexuality. But after he finds accepting friends online, he gains the confidence to come out in person.
Everyone’s Opinion Deserves Respect After Trump is elected president, Emily makes judgments about his voters. Now she "respects all sides of a conversation, instead of tearing down people who don't think the same way I do." [more]
How I Learned to Embrace Therapy After her mother's death and her father's abandonment, the writer realizes she can't deal with her feelings of loss alone. She discovers therapy and learns "it's OK not to be OK." [more]
Puerto Ricans Are Americans, Too Nina supports her claim that the response to Hurricane Maria shows islanders are treated like second-class citizens compared to mainland Americans. [more]
I Can Heal The writer is sexually assaulted by her friend, and she keeps it a secret for months until a failed suicide attempt prompts her to write about the experience. [more]
Am I an Activist? A Roundtable Discussion Writers from the 2017 summer writing workshop explore what it means to be an activist. They realize while talking that they actually do quite a lot! [more]
When I Lose My Virginity Is Up to Me Hande writes about mixed messages girls get about sex: “We’re either made fun if we’re virgins, or if we have sex, we risk getting labeled a slut.” [more]
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