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Trump: A Dangerous Radical
We're a nation of immigrants.
author image Victor points out that possible presidential nominee Donald Trump plays on Americans' fear of ISIS in his attacks on immigrants. But he himself is an extremist who incites violence.

Donald Trump promises to “make America great again” if he is elected president. He says he’ll do this, in part, by excluding all Muslims. But Islam isn’t the problem... [more]

How I Got Through It How I Got Through It
He Was Cute, Then Creepy - Mom, Dad, Leave Me Out Of It - I’m Nothing Like My Violent Father - PLUS: I’m #BlackinBrooklynTech - Why We Must Dump Trump
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The 2016 Presidential Election Your questions about voting answered. YCteen editors also ask the writers: If you were 18, who would you have voted for in the primary and why? [more]
#blackinbrooklyntech Aniqa reports on racism experienced by black students in her school. When a #hashtag is created to inspire students to speak out, the school community must confront difficult issues. [more]
Too Much Pressure When the writer’s parents start arguing over an alleged affair, both turn to him for advice and comfort. He eventually finds a way to tell his parents to seek counsel from adults. [more]
Prince's Best Girl (1993) Tory loves Prince's latest video and CD. [more]
Acting Brave Made Me Brave Shameera surprises herself when she’s able to remain strong and brave during two natural disasters. Inspired by her courage in handling these situations, she attempts to conquer her biggest fear: public speaking. [more]
The Poor Don’t Choose to Be Poor Jazmine connects bell hooks' insights on class and race to what she sees around her and suggests ways for poor people of color to organize. [more]
Refusing to Stay Silent After being sexually abused throughout her life by numerous men in her family, the writer meets other young women and learns that her experience is common in her South Asian culture. [more]
Why We Should Welcome Syrian Refugees On Hande's last trip to Turkey, she sees Syrian refugees and realizes anyone could be driven from their home. She asks all countries to welcome refugees. [more]
Fed Up With Being Labeled Austin wrestles with the pressure he gets from friends based on an Asian stereotype. "You're made to be good in math," they say. [more]
My View From a Wheelchair After Perla is hit by a car and forced to spend a year in a wheelchair for a broken leg, she experiences life from the viewpoint of a disabled person. [more]
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