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Book Review: This Is How You Lose Her
Weak female characters? This is how you lose my interest
author image Roberta reviews the book, This Is How You Lose Her, by her favorite Dominican author, Junot Diaz. She is both surprised and disappointed in how he portrays women in his latest novel.

On September 6, I had the opportunity to attend a reading by Junot Diaz, my favorite author. He was reading from his latest book... [more]

Stand Up For Yourself Stand Up For Yourself
I Stopped My Parents' Beatings – Moving Past a Brother's Abuse – Don't Take the Bait – PLUS: Tips for Mayor DeBlasio - MTV's 16 and Pregnant
[more stories]
Sex Ed: MTV's 16 and Pregnant A study released in January found teen birthrates fell by almost 6% as a result of watching 16 and Pregnant. Vanessa Lora reviews the show from a teen’s point-of view to see why it has such a profound effect. [more]
The 'N' Word: It Just Slips Out Allen's family and friends call each other "n-gga" all the time and it isn't until the 4th grade that he learns the racist meaning of the word. He's been confused about whether or not to use it ever since. [more]
Overcoming My Grandfather's Abuse After Johane’s father died, her mom left Haiti and moved to the US to find work. The 7 year-old was left in her grandfather’s care. For the next three years, he would verbally and physically abuse her until she was finally able to reunite with her mother. Here, she recounts her story and the steps she’s taken to heal. [more]
Enjoy the Moment Ngan-Fong wants to spend time enjoying herself in the present, instead of constantly worrying about the future. [more]
Good Ain't Good Enough After getting beaten by both parents for bad grades he received from elementary school through high school, this writer gains the courage to threaten to call the police if the beatings continued. [more]
No More Hand-Holding A college visit is a wake-up call for Edgar, who realizes that to succeed he will have to take more responsibility for his education. [more]
The Kitchen Is Not the Only Place For a Dominican Woman Roberta resists the stereotypical female roles placed upon her by her Dominican culture. The writer envisions her older self slaving away in her office writing her novel, not in the kitchen cooking up “the most delicious plate of rice, beans, and chicken.” [more]
I Gotta Have It Edwin smokes his first cigarette at 12 and becomes addicted. Now he can’t go a day without smoking. [more]
Hated Her in High School This author writes about why she is able to forgive someone that bullied her most of her life, and to accept her offer of friendship. [more]
The American Dream Gave Me Anxiety Attacks Barry is surprised by how hard his dad must work in the U.S. to support their extended family in West Africa. He develops anxieties about living up to expectations. [more]
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