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Book Review: Redeemed
I see myself reflected in the characters
author image Levaunna sees herself reflected in the characters portrayed in the final book of the popular “House of Night” series.

Redeemed is the 12th and final book in the “House of Night” series by mother-daughter co-authors P.C. and Kristin Cast. The series focuses on the life of the fledgling vampire (spelled vampyre in the series) Zoey Redbird... [more]

Navigating Love Navigating Love
He's Way Too Needy - She Makes Me Better - My Dad's a Crack Addict And I Love Him - PLUS - What's Hot: Summer Books - Tupac and Me - My Body's Just Fine
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The American Dream Feels More Like a Nightmare After the writer moves from Korea to the U.S., his once fun-loving dad struggles to adjust to his new life here, and becomes perpetually angry and demanding. [more]
Nowhere to Go At 16, Vanessa moves here from Mexico to escape persecution for being gay. She describes her journey from homelessness to foster care, and finally to stability and independence. [more]
Misconceptions About Africans Aissata, an immigrant from Senegal, is stunned by her classmates’ ignorance about Africa. We do wear shoes, she writes, and don't have lions for pets. [more]
Making the Best Out of Foster Care The writer never imagines she’ll end up in foster care, but when she does, she discovers its benefits, like dental care and money for college. [more]
Writing Helped Reduce My Rage The writer expresses his anger at the foster care system by getting into fights until his therapist encourages him to write rap lyrics to let it out instead. [more]
Movie Review: <em>Into the Woods</em> Emily reviews the film adaptation of the theatrical musical and discovers there’s more to the story than just a cast of fairy tale characters romping through a forest. [more]
Why Feminism Matters to Me Julia writes about her observations of gender roles and sexism in society, and explains why she considers herself a feminist. [more]
My First Time: On The Job Diamonique is excited to land her first job at a McDonald’s, but her boss soon becomes verbally abusive. [more]
Free Job Training That’s For Real! Teens can get free certification in trades such as Salon Services, Electrical Installation, and Computer Repair at Co-Op Tech High School. [more]
Not a Stretch Eliza navigates around her parents’ wish for her to become a doctor and finds a career path that feels right. [more]
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