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I’ll Work Hard So America Is Safer for All
From immigrant to inspired.
author image The writer moved here from Mexico when she was 4, and now at 21, she feels proud to be living here. But our new president has made her afraid of being deported.

I moved to New York from Mexico when I was little. My 1st grade English teacher placed me in an ESL class. At lunchtime, I was left out of groups because I didn’t speak any English... [more]

Is This Land Your Land? Is This Land Your Land?
No American Dream For Me - I'm No Oreo - Still Affected by Slavery - Colin Kaepernick: Blacklisted - PLUS: Your History Class: What's Missing?
[more stories]
Speaking My Truth As a reporter for her school newspaper, Aishamanne is accused of being angry and “ranting” about race. After discussing this with friends, she concludes it’s important for her to speak her truth, no matter what others think. [more]
Learning to Breathe Again As the writer grows up, she witnesses her father’s abuse of her mother. After intervening in one of their fights, her father moves out and she learns about abuse prevention through a job. [more]
One Teen’s Fight Against Child Sex Trafficking Melvin Pichardo profiles Victoria Pannell, a New York City high school teenager, who advocates for survivors of child sex trafficking. [more]
Too Fat or Too Thin The writer's family consistently taunts her about her shape and eating habits. She summons the confidence to stand up to their negative talk. [more]
Six Weeks in Thailand When Brianna visits Khon Kaen through an intercultural exchange program, she learns to be more independent. “This trip helped me discover that despite my natural inclination to be shy, I am capable of doing courageous things.” [more]
Keeping Immigrants Out Isn’t the Key to Our Safety—Gun Control Is Melanie argues that gun control is the way to keep American's safe—not Trump's attempts to keep immigrants out of the country. [more]
Happy Being a B+ Student “I value my free time to do things I love,” says Grace. When that free time is compromised by the rigors of her junior year, she starts to stress out and her grades suffer. [more]
How I Stopped Cutting The combined stress from home and school turns the writer to self-harm. Eventually she talks to her mom, who helps her develop strategies to help her break the dangerous habit. [more]
It Can Happen to Anyone After the writer’s mom gets involved in an abusive relationship, she takes a bold step and moves to Atlanta to live with her father to escape her toxic home life. [more]
Accidents Happen When the condom breaks during sex, the writer panics. But her boyfriend tells her about the morning after pill, which prevents pregnancy. Also: Emergency contraception explained. [more]
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